Laboratory Services

Polymer Phases, Inc. can provide contract research, complete laboratory technical service/sales service projects or reduce your inventions to practice in areas of organic chemistry in general and polymer chemistry, in particular.

Technical Support

Polymer Phases helps its clients design polymeric materials that will provide the desired performance characteristics, prepare prototypes of these materials, and support scale-up to commercial scale.

Legal Support

We offer a wide range of support services to the legal profession. Allow us to be your partner in your next case as an expert witness, laboratory support for testing, or technical writing exhibit reviews. 

Laboratory Services

Polymer Phases, Inc. has laboratory facilities where gram to kilogram quantities of polymeric materials can be prepared to your specifications. We can also work with our clients to develop materials that fit their needs.  Reactions can be performed in bulk, suspension or emulsion mode.

Polymer Phases, Inc. understands that cash flow is a frequent concern of start-up companies and individual inventors. As a result, we offer very flexible pricing strategies.

General organic chemistry

Additional polymerization (including but not limited to styrenic and acrylic resins)

Condensation polymerization (including but not limited to polyesters and polyamides)

Separation expertise

Pharmaceutical knowledge

Coating expertise

Technical Services

Where applications are concerned, our expertise covers the use of polymeric materials in a broad range of applications, such as separations, catalysis, coatings and pharmaceutical applications. In all cases, we help select a commercial product that fits your needs or, if none can be found, we can design one that will.

More particularly:

1. Our separation expertise is focused on the areas of ion-exchange, ab- and adsorption, (preparative) chromatography, water/waste-water treatment and waste minimization.

2. In the pharmaceutical area, we can provide support in the areas of solid phase/combinatorial chemistry, supported reagents and scavengers, heterogeneous acid and base catalysis and sustained/controlled release.

Our coating expertise includes resin design, formulation development and application testing.

Legal Support

Expert Witness:
We provide expert witness support in a broad range of areas relating to the development, manufacture and use   of polymeric materials.

Laboratory Support:
We can provide legal laboratory support. This includes reproducing experiments described in patent examples   or reducing inventions to practice.

Technical Writing:
We have experience with the drafting of records of inventions and patent applications.

Expert Witness

Laboratory Support

Technical Writing