About Us

Polymer Phases, Inc. is a chemical research and consulting company incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania. It operates from an office and chemical laboratory located in Fort Worth, TX.

Our Vision

Polymer Phases believes that a time will come when, for availability, carbon footprint and environmental reasons, the petroleum-based products we use today will be replaced by products based on rapidly renewable resources. The company’s vision is to become a profitable global developer, manufacturer and supplier of such products. Polymer Phases will also play an important social role, offering safer products with a reduced environmental impact.

Our Mission

Polymer Phases’ mission is to be:

A cost effective, reliable supplier of renewable raw materials to manufacturers of plastic articles, construction products, coatings and adhesives

A commercial supplier of all-natural formulated personal care products

A provider of consulting services and laboratory projects to the chemical industry

Our products will offer equivalent performance to their petroleum-based counterparts at competitive prices.


Our Team

Linda S. Smith, Ph.D., MBA certificate

Linda S. Smith, Ph.D., MBA certificate


More about Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith is a Physical chemist with 13 years of industrial R&D experience in novel coatings development. After obtaining an MBA certificate from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, she held several business development positions, including global business manager for solvent and solid polymers for Rohm and Haas, Vice President of Innovation to Market in High Intensity Discharge Lighting at Philips Electronics responsible for global strategy and +200 persons in project management, R&D, and Development of new lamps manufacturing technology and most recently Technical Director of Industrial Coatings at Trinkote. Dr. Smith has a strong track record of leading highly-focused marketing and R&D initiatives that increase brand equity, establish a strong market position, and drive revenue to new levels. She is especially effective at building and managing multi-cultural, cross-functional teams across various business units to consistently achieve shared goals and objectives. She is a catalyst for change, innovation, and process improvement. At Polymer Phases, Inc., Dr. Smith has a dual role of supporting the development of commercially viable products based on PPI’s novel resin compositions and business development of these products

Michael P. Bigwood, Ph.D.

Michael P. Bigwood, Ph.D.


More about Dr. Bigwood

Dr. Bigwood is a Ph. D. chemist with 8 years of industrial research, 5 years of R&D management and 22 years of consulting experience related to polymer technology. As a research manager, Dr. Bigwood led the product, process and applications development effort of the world’s largest ion exchange resins manufacturer. In that management function, he was also involved in the business planning process. Dr. Bigwood also worked with a broad range of polymer technologies to develop strategic technology plans for a $3B dollar R&D organization. This combination of business experience and scientific skills allows him to propose solutions to problems that are not only technically sound but also economically viable and consistent with clients’ capabilities and business objectives.

Technical Advisory Panel


Polymer Phases has assembled a team of technical advisors, harnessing expertise in the areas of organic chemistry, chemical engineering and polymer applications.

The team includes:

Roman Bielski, Ph.D. (organic chemistry)

John Newport, Ph.D.(polymer applications, Chemventive, LLC)

Peter Obst  (coatings formulation specialist, Envirotech)

Ken Battle (chemical engineering)

Jim Costanzo (adhesives)

Prof. Giuseppe Palmese (polymer characterization, Drexel Univ.)

Business Advisory Board


The Polymer Phases Business Advisory Board members are experienced in the commercial functions of both start-up companies and large corporations, including marketing, finance and sales.

The team includes:

Barbara Rentschler, VP Marketing at Knex (Retired)

Tom Aiken, consulting CFO

Steve Fisher, consulting Sales Director

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