Polymer Phases, Inc.

A chemical research and consulting company incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to develop products based exclusively on natural, non petroleum-based products.

Looking for an alternative to petroleum-based resins?

Our line of thermoset and UV curable resins are rapidly renewable and equivalent in performance to their petroleum-based counterparts.

From the President

From the President

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a resin manufacturer who told me that his company’s output was not constrained by plant capacity but rather by the availability of monomers. To me, that is an illustration of the fact that, since petrochemicals are by products of the oil industry, when demand for fuel decreases (telecommuting, travel restrictions), petrochemicals become scarce.

Non-petroleum based raw materials, such as our Greephase(TM) line of resins, are not subject to this type of supply disruption.

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