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demoPolymer Phases’ mission is to become a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative sustainable polymers derived solely from renewable resources (GreenPhaseTM). This approach will provide a continuous supply of materials with cost and availability that will not be affected by variation in crude oil prices or potential disruption of supplies from offshore. Polymer Phases plans to manufacture its products domestically.

Polymer Phases :

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September 16, 2012

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Our Technology


Polymer Phases’ technology is based on the two-step formation of highly branched polymers. In a first step, a thermoset pre-polymer – the product actually sold by the company – is prepared. Subsequently, the polymer is cured to a high molecular weight, highly branched final product during the manufacture of the final articles by Polymer Phases’ customer. These products are polyesters which are formed by the reaction of molecules carrying two or more hydroxyl groups (polyols) with carboxylic acids carrying two or more acid groups. Polymer Phases’ polymers use glycerol and similar compounds as the polyol. It is expected that large amounts of glycerol will be readily available in coming years as it is a by-product of the production of biodiesel which is expected to experience significant growth. As a result, we have focused our polymer synthesis program on that particular molecule. Polymer Phases use various polyacids in the manufacture of it’s polymers but all are available from renewable resources. World Patent Application Published.