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demoPolymer Phases’ mission is to become a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative sustainable polymers derived solely from renewable resources (GreenPhaseTM). This approach will provide a continuous supply of materials with cost and availability that will not be affected by variation in crude oil prices or potential disruption of supplies from offshore. Polymer Phases plans to manufacture its products domestically.

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September 16, 2012

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Our Services

Custom Synthesis

Polymer Phases, Inc. has laboratory facilities where gram to kilogram quantities of polymeric materials can be prepared to your specifications. We can also work with our clients to develop a material that fits their needs. Capabilities include addition polymerization (including but not limited to styrenic and acrylic resins) as well as condensation polymerization (including but not limited to polyesters and polyamides). These reactions can be performed in bulk, suspension or emulsion mode.

Formulation Design

Polymer Phases helps its clients design polymeric materials that will provide the desired performance characteristics, prepare prototypes of these materials, and supports scale-up to commercial scale. Where applications are concerned, our expertise covers the use of polymeric materials in a broad range of applications, such as coatings as well as separations, catalysis, and pharmaceutical applications. Our coatings expertise began with 17 years experience at Rohm and Haas in waterborne, solventborne and solid grade acrylic and styrene/acrylic resins for industrial coatings and graphic arts and hobby paint end-uses. We have also worked with polyesters, alkyds, nitrocellulose lacquers, formaldehyde, and epoxy coatings. We have both synthetic and applications experience and the team have experience in fine-tuning the formulations with waxes, slip-aids, etc. Our separation technology expertise is focused on the areas of ion-exchange, adsorption, (preparative) chromatography, water/waste water treatment and waste minimization. In the pharmaceutical area, we can provide support in the areas of solid phase/combinatorial chemistry, supported reagents and scavengers, heterogeneous acid and base catalysis and sustained/controlled release. In all cases, we help select a commercial product that fits your needs or, if none can be found, we can design one that will.

Laboratory Support

We can provide legal laboratory support. This includes reproducing experiments described in patent examples or reducing inventions to practice. Polymer Phases has completed one laboratory project in support of a legal case. A set of patent examples were reproduced, the results compared with those claimed in the patent and an opinion developed based on the findings. The project was captured in a final report.

Legal Support

We provide expert witness support in a broad range of areas relating to the development, manufacture and use of polymeric materials. Polymer Phases has provided expert witness services in two cases, one involving polymer synthesis and one involving the performance of a polymeric material. These activities included the preparation of seven expert reports or declarations, two depositions and one testimony.

Technical Support

We have experience with the drafting of records of inventions and patent applications, both as corporate employees and as an outsourced service.