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demoPolymer Phases’ mission is to become a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative sustainable polymers derived solely from renewable resources (GreenPhaseTM). This approach will provide a continuous supply of materials with cost and availability that will not be affected by variation in crude oil prices or potential disruption of supplies from offshore. Polymer Phases plans to manufacture its products domestically.

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Urethane Coating Market

The urethane clear coating market is growing at 4-5% annually.  China, Europe, and North America each use about 25% of the total urethane surface coatings in the world.  Growth is highest in China.  Certain markets are dominant in the three major industrialized regions, including automotive refinishes, wood finishes and high-performance anticorrosive coatings.   The total coatings volume in the USA in 2010 was roughly 10 billion lbs., and the urethane coatings market in North America was about 1 billion pounds.  Globally, the urethane clear coating market is about 4 billion pounds.  Using the 4% growth rate, the following table shows the volume of polyol  expected to be used in coatings during the next five years, assuming the polyol is 50% of the coating.

Table 1
Volume of Polyols Used in Clear Coatings, Globally

For wood coatings, urethane coatings are used because of their appearance and “dig-in mar resistance”.  For flexible packaging, which is about 250 million lbs. of polyol in urethane coatings, the  advantage is scuffability and boiling water resistance, necessary to sanitize the package before food is added. The market would like to move to renewable technology and at the same price as polyols based on petrochemicals, namely $1.20-$1.60/lb.

Engineered Wood Market

In 2003, there were about 40+ plants making OSB and 100+ plants making particleboard in the United States. Each plant used about 5 million lbs. of MDI and/or PF resins. As of 2007, the OSB product was 60% of the engineered wood market and used about 630 million lbs. of adhesive resin. The OSB market has been growing at a rate of 16-20%, according to a 2007 market study. Using a growth rate of only 10%, since OSB is growing at a faster rate than other engineered wood products, the amount of resin used in the adhesive formulations is projected, as follows:


The price of the resins ranged from $1.50/lb to $2.00/lb in 2007. Those prices have increased due to raw material costs increasing. PPI can meet the $1.50/lb price based on their technology platform manufacturing cost today.

UV Cure Coatings Market

The UV cure coatings market is growing at a rate of 15% per year according to Radtech. Sales of UV cure coatings, globally in 2010 was $1.7 billion. The market applications using UV cure coatings breaks down as shown in the graph below:


Drivers to change current technology are the high price of urethane acrylate oligomers used in wood coatings and the toxicity profile of BPA epoxy diacrylate oligomers used in food packaging.